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Writer's Block: Planet friendly

How concerned are you about global warming? Do you believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend?

Global Warming. The funny thing about Global Warming is, there have been red flags warning Americans since the beginning of time. The funnier fact is, we even mock its natural course through film. Movies like, 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow are all perfect examples. I mean sure their great films, but do the research. The science behind it is all logical and possible. It all fabricates into one ending. Global Warming is something to be feared. The problem is, no one will have the ambition to stop it until the threat becomes one that is irreversible. We as human beings won't act until its too late. I like to think that the world is primarily good. But it's unfortunate that there is too much selfishness and greed that taints the hands of Uncle Sam. Now I'm no tree hugger, but the universe is one large living organism. We live as one, and breathe as one, and we are all major organs working to keep the world functioning. This organism is diseased and instead of trying to defeat the disease, we are all watching it spread. Think of the world like a tree. Trees have a very unique defense mechanism. When a trees health is being jeopardized, whether by and insect or other organism, the tree creates a airborne hormone designed to kill or fend off its attackers, in order to maintain its species. Well the world is slowly developing its own army to wipe out the subjects in charge of killing it. The world will do whatever it takes to reach its equilibrium. Just do your research, and you can learn things beyond your imagining. Maybe it will awaken enough people to make a difference. 



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