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Writer's Block: Bitter aftertaste

Do you judge people based on their taste in music? How has musical taste either enhanced or detracted from your relationships (including friends, roommates, and romantic partners)?

As someone whose life is mainly composed of sitting in my room with my Media player on blast, I have to say that in some ways, I do judge people based on what they like to listen to. Now call me wierd or something of the sort, but I love music for its lyrics and the literature. The symbolism and story that is has to tell. So any song, regardless of genre, that sounds good and has great meaning or has a wide window for interpretation, is a good song to me. I have noticed a pattern in a way I choose my friends. If I can sit on the phone and do nothing but sing with one another while my media player is on shuffle, not pertaining to one genre, but the various ones in my playlist, well... I have to say that it a truly magnificent human being, and those are the kind of people I hang around with. So the answer is yes, music effects my relations, but for the most part, it only enhances. With music one can go nowhere but up.

Writer's Block: Planet friendly

How concerned are you about global warming? Do you believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend?

Global Warming. The funny thing about Global Warming is, there have been red flags warning Americans since the beginning of time. The funnier fact is, we even mock its natural course through film. Movies like, 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow are all perfect examples. I mean sure their great films, but do the research. The science behind it is all logical and possible. It all fabricates into one ending. Global Warming is something to be feared. The problem is, no one will have the ambition to stop it until the threat becomes one that is irreversible. We as human beings won't act until its too late. I like to think that the world is primarily good. But it's unfortunate that there is too much selfishness and greed that taints the hands of Uncle Sam. Now I'm no tree hugger, but the universe is one large living organism. We live as one, and breathe as one, and we are all major organs working to keep the world functioning. This organism is diseased and instead of trying to defeat the disease, we are all watching it spread. Think of the world like a tree. Trees have a very unique defense mechanism. When a trees health is being jeopardized, whether by and insect or other organism, the tree creates a airborne hormone designed to kill or fend off its attackers, in order to maintain its species. Well the world is slowly developing its own army to wipe out the subjects in charge of killing it. The world will do whatever it takes to reach its equilibrium. Just do your research, and you can learn things beyond your imagining. Maybe it will awaken enough people to make a difference. 

Writer's Block: App Appreciation

How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? Which apps do you use the most?

Well I don't ever really use apps on my phone so I have them taken off because paying for them is always a hassle. I'm with Verizon and I love the network but I can see Sprint becoming a much larger success as it is now that its upgraded to 4G technology.  I have never really had much interest for the apps at all. I don't have much use for them. But now that my financial status is where it should be for a 17 year old employed young adult, I'm hoping with all the extra cash I will be able to pay for internet service :)


Her heart is broken,

The pieces fly

One last glimpse

Before goodbyes


She gave so much

It would fill a book

He won’t return what he took


I pray above as she sorrows

That one day he’ll return

What he forever borrowed


Disappointment fills hers

To the rim

A rim that was once filled

With passion for him


The pain wells up around the eyes

As she stares at the empty pedestal

As high as the skies


How it once was so beautiful

And now so alone

Her diamond happiness

Is now turned to stone


The tickle that teased her

When he was around

Started with a smile

Manifested to a frown


He says that he loves her

Yet only rejects

She worships her phone

But he never texts


The sun doesn’t seem as bright

And the stars shine dull

The world just doesn’t seem

As beautiful


But love keeps her bound

And till death while she wait

Patience, Persistence

Hoping to change fate



I’ve faced many struggles in my life,

I’ve overcome hardships, agony and strife.

From the time that I was very young,

I stared down the barrel of a gun.


My mother who was very ill, abandoned me and all,

My sister kissed me tenderly, every time I called.

Young herself, she had many tasks to tend,

But with love she cared for me through every sharp twist and bend.


These struggles may have been hard,

But in life you’re dealt many cards.

Years went by without a friend,

A helpful hand, no one could lend.


Then one day, he came to me,

“Let’s be pals, I’ll set you free”

Instantly a bond was found,

Almost brothers tightly bound.


Then one day, worst of all,

He said “Truth or Dare. We’ll have a ball”

“Truth or Dare? But why?” I asked.

“Come on, its fun. We’ll have a blast.”


And down the stairs we went,

After so many innocent times we spent.

“You play like this, or fight, you see?”

And then slowly he advanced on me.


I was not brave and full of fear,

I came home that day, “What’s wrong my dear?”

My life had been torn, abandoned and used.

I couldn’t except I had been so abused.


Years went by and I ignored,

Why should I fear what’s out the door?

Although it happened in the past,

Choices were racing by very fast.


Like a ghost, something appeared,

I felt ashamed, nasty, and queer.

I will rebel, just watch and see,

But this was now apart of me.


It grew stronger fast and I rebelled,

“It’s all in my head!” I cried and yelled.

But soon I knew I had to except,

For many nights I haven’t slept


Now my confidence was at an all time low

Straight like an arrow, curved like a bow.

A little inspiration was all I would need,

To be comfortable and fight for equality.


Although it’s a struggle, this is me.

Just be happy, just be free.

Be myself and with confidence embrace,

That kid in the mirror, who has my face.


I must first love myself, before I love others,

Be comfortable in my own skin, as opposed to another’s

For I’m a great person; what’s not to love?

Live not to the skies, but the heavens above.


Because the people who matter won’t mind at all,

Forget all the ignorance that will try to make you fall.

Life is great, but don’t live in fear.

There are people who love me, and will catch all my tears.