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I’ve faced many struggles in my life,

I’ve overcome hardships, agony and strife.

From the time that I was very young,

I stared down the barrel of a gun.


My mother who was very ill, abandoned me and all,

My sister kissed me tenderly, every time I called.

Young herself, she had many tasks to tend,

But with love she cared for me through every sharp twist and bend.


These struggles may have been hard,

But in life you’re dealt many cards.

Years went by without a friend,

A helpful hand, no one could lend.


Then one day, he came to me,

“Let’s be pals, I’ll set you free”

Instantly a bond was found,

Almost brothers tightly bound.


Then one day, worst of all,

He said “Truth or Dare. We’ll have a ball”

“Truth or Dare? But why?” I asked.

“Come on, its fun. We’ll have a blast.”


And down the stairs we went,

After so many innocent times we spent.

“You play like this, or fight, you see?”

And then slowly he advanced on me.


I was not brave and full of fear,

I came home that day, “What’s wrong my dear?”

My life had been torn, abandoned and used.

I couldn’t except I had been so abused.


Years went by and I ignored,

Why should I fear what’s out the door?

Although it happened in the past,

Choices were racing by very fast.


Like a ghost, something appeared,

I felt ashamed, nasty, and queer.

I will rebel, just watch and see,

But this was now apart of me.


It grew stronger fast and I rebelled,

“It’s all in my head!” I cried and yelled.

But soon I knew I had to except,

For many nights I haven’t slept


Now my confidence was at an all time low

Straight like an arrow, curved like a bow.

A little inspiration was all I would need,

To be comfortable and fight for equality.


Although it’s a struggle, this is me.

Just be happy, just be free.

Be myself and with confidence embrace,

That kid in the mirror, who has my face.


I must first love myself, before I love others,

Be comfortable in my own skin, as opposed to another’s

For I’m a great person; what’s not to love?

Live not to the skies, but the heavens above.


Because the people who matter won’t mind at all,

Forget all the ignorance that will try to make you fall.

Life is great, but don’t live in fear.

There are people who love me, and will catch all my tears.



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